How To Make A Libra Man Want You More

how to make a libra man want you more

Dating a Libra man will not be easy because it poses some challenges. However, if you know these tips, you can make a Libra man yours. The first thing that you need to know to make this Libra man want you is to understand him. A typical Libra man is easy-going and balanced. Libra men are clever and if you really want to win over your Libra male, you need to use all your wiles. There are some specific characteristics that a Libra man wants in his woman.

Understanding a Libra Man

The charming Libra man has a balanced outlook on life which makes him less whimsical about life. Libra man is the sign of equality, partnership and justice. Libra male always tries to be objective. Libra man is a kind of man who likes to keep everyone with him. He tries to stay positive in every situation. Men of this zodiac sign dislike conflicts and they don’t like confrontation. They hate drama and they strive for balance and harmony. Libra men are romantic, charming and loving. So, if you understand these traits, it will be a lot easier for you to make your Libra man obsessed with you.

How To Get A Libra Man To Chase You?

The surefire way to know how to get a Libra Man to chase you is to understand what he wants in his partner. There are a number of things that Libra men find attractive in opposite gender. What a Libra man finds attractive is not the same things as what he desires to have in his long-term relationship. Libra men want someone different than the usual. Libra men care a great deal about courtesy. They like to adhere to the norms, but when it comes to what they find attractive in their partner is something unconventional. To get a Libra man to chase you, focus on igniting his intellectual curiosity. Another thing that will help you get him to chase after you is letting him express his that secret personality that he does not reveal to others.

What Does A Libra Man Look For In A Woman?

For a long-term commitment, what Libra man is looking for in his woman is someone who is not just unusual but bold and daring. Libra male wants a woman who is not afraid of taking initiatives. Libra is a diplomat and a warrior will be a good match for a Libra man.

How to Make a Libra Man Miss You?

A love relationship with a Libra male can be challenging at times. It happens because you may find it very difficult to be patient with your Libra boyfriend. Here are some easy tips on how you can make a Libra miss you and chase you.

Avoid Being Overly Aggressive

Libra men are pacifist. They avoid aggressive dating tactics. So, if you are trying to attract a Libra man, avoid using aggressive tactics. You can win him over with pleasant conversation, smiles and deep eye contact. Use your feminine wiles to seduce him. In addition to this, take the relationship slowly. Don’t push him to have a commitment with you. Try to be his best friend first. Libra men don’t like jumping right into a serious relationship.

Use Your Intelligence

Libra men are attracted toward intelligent women. You can stimulate your Libra male by using your wit and banter. Don’t forget to make intelligent conversations with him. Libra men want a bright and knowledgeable partner. Make sure your conversations are short, but unforgettable and brilliant.

Be Social

Libra men are social and they are most comfortable when surrounded by people. In order to make your Libra man want you more, you should show him that you are social. Candle light dinners, movie night or other related things that involve only you two can make him feel uncomfortable. A Libra man feels more comfortable with his friends and family. In fact, you will get to see your Libra boyfriend shine in the presence of friends.

Be Romantic

Libra men are romantic, warm and loving. They want their partner to be romantic. In fact they crave romance. If you have planned a romantic date with him, be prepared to accept romance in return.
Use these tips to make a Libra man miss you and chase you. Libra men either take a relationship very serious or they don’t care about it at all. In order to take a permanent place in your Libra man, you should be patient and use your feminine wiles. Also, don’t forget to invest your time with him if you want him to take you seriously.

How To Know If A Libra Man Likes You?

Have you been guessing about if your Libra man likes you? If you want to be really sure about it, there are some signs to look for. These signs include the following:

He Is Super Romantic With You

When you find him try harder to impress you, it’s an obvious sign that he likes you. Libra male knows all the ways to impress a lady and if he likes you, he will go extra mile to be super romantic with you.

He Will Show Dramatic Affection

One surefire way to know if he likes you is that he will tell you in his own words that you are the woman he has always wanted in his life. He will show dramatic affection which is a sign that he is very much interested in you.

He Will Give You More Surprises And Gifts

A Libra man will give you lots of gifts to impress you and show his love. Mostly, these will be little gifts. Also, if he starts showing up every place you go, such as gym or office, it’s a surefire sign that he is into you.

He Will Want To Spend More Time With You

If he wants to take you out on lunch or dinner more often, it’s a sign that he likes you. He will want to spend more time with you and may even surprise you with last minute plans.

He Will Bring You To All Parties

If he starts asking you to go along with him to all the parties he is invited to, it is a clear sign that he is interested in you. The reason why he will do that is he will want to introduce you to his friends and family members.

He Wants To Be Exclusive

If he insists on doing things with just you, it means that he has decided on you. He wants the exclusivity to be more confident and act as the man in your life.

He Will Give You More Compliments

If he gives you more compliments, it is a clear sign that he likes you. A Libra man admires the natural beauty and also admires when his woman gets all dressed up for the special night out.

He Will Call And Text You More

If he calls and texts you more often now than before, it is another clear sign that he is into you. He wants to stay connected to a woman he has fallen in love with. He will also let you know about his schedule and activities.

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How To Make A Virgo Man Want You More?

How To Make a Virgo Man Want You More

Are you dating a Virgo man? Do you want to make him want you more without even asking for his attention? Before you read what you can do to make a Virgo man love & want you more, it is important to understand the key Virgo traits. A clear understanding of these key traits will help you make your Virgo boyfriend go crazy over you.

So, What Are these Key Virgo Traits?

Virgo men are very intelligent and attractive. They are family oriented and like to bind their entire family within a strong bond. One thing that makes Virgo men different from men of other zodiac signs is that they are old-fashioned. They are not attracted to the modern changes. They like their old-fashioned ways in every aspect of life. One quality that makes a Virgo boyfriend a good friend, a human being, and a perfect husband is their honesty. They are also extrovert in social conduct. If you are creative, you can use it to attract a Virgo man. Overall, a Virgo man is creative, old-fashioned, sympathetic, helpful and very intelligent.

Virgo Men in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, they are called mysterious. They are very cool-minded and practical. They give utmost importance to their woman’s needs. They know exactly how to treat a woman. So, if your boyfriend is Virgo, you are in great luck. You do not have to make great efforts to make him want you more. It is important to note that the Virgo men like to change or mold their partner completely within their ideology. If you don’t like to be changed, you can’t make him yours.

What Does A Virgo Man Like and Dislike In A Woman?

Virgo Man Likes a woman who is:

Intelligent: To make a Virgo man want you more, show off your knowledge about different things. Also, let him know that you have set goals for yourself and you are not afraid to achieve those goals. It would be wise to do research on the things that your Virgo man likes. This will help you keep his interest in you.

Good Looking: Virgo men are into beauty. They care about how a woman looks like and how she carries herself. Virgo men also take good care of their appearance and they are always well-dressed.

Punctual: Avoid being late for dates because Virgo men are old school. They take punctuality very seriously.

Good Cook: Home-cooked meals are a way to a Virgo man’s heart, so if you love cooking and you are also good at it, you should not have a hard time keeping him with you. It would be nice to invite him over to a dinner.

Not a Control Freak: Let your Virgo man take control of the things in a relationship. However, it does not mean that he will not let you have charge when needed. If he wants to take you out on a date, let him take care of everything.

Virgo Man Dislikes a Woman Who is:

Highly Social: Virgo men are secret. They would prefer to spend time with their special woman over being with a lot of people. They try to avoid crowd.

Clingy: It’s not just Virgo men who don’t like clingy women, clinginess is a killer for any relationship. To avoid being clingy, have a life outside of your relationship and let your Virgo man have a life outside of your relationship too.

Quitter: Do you give up on things quickly? If you don’t finish what you have started, then forget about having a good time with your Virgo man. Virgo men like to finish their projects. If you are also a finisher and always complete your projects, you can make your Virgo man want you more.

Messy: It’s very important for a Virgo man to keep his space clean. Women who are like a slob and don’t care where they put the clothes or shoes, it is a big No-No for the Virgo men.

Unorganized: Virgo men don’t like surprises. They are into planning and organizing everything that want to do. So, if you are into last minute plans, it’s not going to work out with a Virgo man.

All these likes and dislikes are also the keys to how to make a Virgo man happy.This is because the ideal woman in a Virgo man’s mind is the one who understands what does he like and dislike.

How To Make Him Want You More?

Here are some tips on how you can make your Virgo boyfriend want and love you more.

Take Slow Steps

Virgo men are very slow when it comes to getting into romantic relationships. They also have some difficulty in making new friends. So, if you have been dating this Virgo guy for some time and he has not expressed his interest to take your relationship with him to next level, take it easy. Give him some more time. If he is serious about you, he will make efforts to keep his relationship with you. You should not push him for commitment. The best thing you can do is try to understand him and let him know that it’s okay if he is not ready to make a serious commitment. This will make him respect you more and it will make him feel that you are the right woman for him.

Help Him Express His Feelings

Virgo men often have trouble when it comes to express their feelings. So, if your Virgo boyfriend does not compliment often or if he does not say ‘I Love You’ often it does not mean that he doesn’t feel like that. He acts this way because he finds it hard to share his feelings with his romantic partner. You should help him express his feeling by making him feel comfortable with you.

Make Him Want You By Stimulating His Mind

Virgo men are attracted towards intelligent women. If you can stimulate his mind, he will be all yours. Virgo men are very intelligent, so they want a woman who is intelligent and smarter than them. It is important to be who you are because Virgo men don’t like pretentious people. Acquire as much knowledge as you can about different topics to make interesting conversations with your Virgo boyfriend.

Look Your Best

Virgo men appreciate a put-together look. So, if you are dating a Virgo man, you should take special care of yourself. Pay close attention to your dressing. Choose colors that enhance your skin tone and wear designs that flaunt your best body attributes. Also, take special care with your scent. Avoid putting on too much makeup because Virgo men prefer natural beauty.

How To Attract A Virgo Man Sexually

If you are at that stage in your relationship when you are ready to be intimate with your Virgo boyfriend, then you might want to know how to attract a Virgo man sexually and please him in bed. Attracting a Virgo man sexually can be a little different than attracting any other man since Virgo man is reserved. Here are the key things to trigger sexual attraction in your Virgo man.

Ignite His Desire

The first step is to give him hints about what you have been thinking about both you being together. You can send an ambiguous text message and let him know that you are thinking about him. This will ignite his imaginations and he will fantasize you.

Create a Romantic Environment

Setting a romantic atmosphere is the second step toward getting your Virgo man to intimate with you. Make sure you’re the place you picked to be intimate with him is clean, for example, if it’s your room, then it should be clean and tidy. Use of natural scents and soft music is a good way to set the right atmosphere. Don’t forget to wear the sexy lingerie and a nice perfume to drive his imagination wild.

Let Him Take Control In Bed

Virgo men like to take control in bed, so it will not hurt to be a little submissive in bed with him. When you let him dominate you, he will try to satisfy all your desires before he comes to what he wants in bed with you. This is a surefire way to make your Virgo man happy and sexually attracted toward you.

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6 Proven Ways That Will Make A Man Love You

11 Proven Things That Will Make A Man Love You

Every woman wants a conscious man who is evolved and man enough to build a conscious relationship. But how you can have this type of man for yourself and how to make a man love you? If this is all you want to know, you have come to the right place.

Here are the six conscious ways that will make an evolved man fall in love with you. These things are extremely powerful and can get you that man that you have always wanted. Some of these may seem like common sense, but when you are in the dating scene, there are a number of things that seem to fly right out the window. To make him want and love you, you need to think like a man.

So, What Are The 6 Proven Ways To Make A Man Love You?

Be Your Authentic Self

Will you like someone who fakes to be who they are not? Nobody likes people with fake personality. If you really want a man to love you forever, be yourself. A conscious man will not want to be someone who does not have an authentic personality. Man are attracted to women who are not afraid of being themselves and what people think about them. You should just know who you are, what you want and don’t try too hard to prove yourself to someone. Strong men like women who are strong and happy with themselves. Strong men fall in love with women who are independent and how to keep her things together.

Be An Active Listener

Don’t listen to just listen, listen to understand what he says to you. This will work for a man who you already know. This will encourage him to confide in you. Active listening to what he shares with you will help you earn that special place in his life that you have always wanted to have in the life of that special man. A good way to show him that you care and you are trying to understand what he is saying is to ask questions related to what he says. Also, don’t be afraid of sharing your genuine and honest opinion with him. This is a surefire way to tell him that you are interested in him and his life.

Don’t Be Afraid To Touch Him

A brief gentle touch can instantly get his attention and will make him think about you more. This is another proven way to make a man love you. You can do it when you are having a conversation with him. A gentle touch on his hand or arm will give him the signal that you are interested in him. It will be a sign for him that you want him to pursue you and there is affection there.

Respected His Hobbies and Interests

It is easy to learn about anyone’s interests and hobbies, but it can be a little difficult to respect it. It is common for people to fall in love with someone who is way out of their league or is completely a different personality. For example, most men like sports and video games, but most women are into these things. If he has a hobby that you don’t like or don’t want to pursue, don’t discourage or stop him to do that. Instead, what you can do is let him do what he likes to do and also support him in a positive way. For example, if he likes camping and you don’t, respect his hobby and buy him something that he will find useful when camping. Or maybe you can find a new camping spot for him that will like. This is one way of showing respect to his hobbies and acceptance to what he likes to do. This will make him love you more.

Respect The Things That Are Important To Him

It could include many things, such as his family and friends, his belongings, hobbies, job and other things. Show him by your actions that you respect all those things that he values in his life and that are important to him. This will make him think of you as part of his life because not only that you respect the things that he values, but also you have the same feelings about those thing that he has. It also includes being considerate to his feelings.

Admire His Intellect And Appreciate His Presence

Always make him feel that he is welcomed. This will have a very powerful effect on him because men like to fell important. They like their ego to be inflated. You don’t have to say something to him that is not true just to boost his ego. Also, an honest and genuine admiration will go a long way and he will try harder to maintain it in front of you. For example, is he good at solving crossword puzzles? Or maybe he is good at fixing the broken things around the house, admire his skills and intellect. This will boost his ego and he will try harder to maintain that image. Also, don’t forget to appreciate his presence. You can do this by showing him how happy you feel when he is with you. You can also let him know how important his presence is and you miss him when is not around.

How to make a man love you should not be difficult if you follow the above-mentioned things. It is strongly advised to be careful and not to use these things on a man that you are not seriously interested in. By following these tips, you will not only be able to make a man fall in love with you and you only, but also you can build a conscious relationship that will last forever.

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The Key to Make Your Husband Happy

 Attachment Details how-to-make-your-husband-happy

Whether you are newly married or approaching your silver anniversary, how to make your husband happy is a question all wives want answered. Depending on who you ask, the answers vary from cooking all his favorite meals, to sex every Sunday. What is the real advice, the truth on how to make your husband happy?

The stress of daily life can be tough on a marriage, and so keeping a marriage fresh and full of love can take work and care, but it is not hard, and with a few simple steps, a few ideas really, a lifetime of happiness can be found in your marriage.

Keeping the Flame Alive

  • Be romantic
  • Spice up your sex life
  • Set a date night
  • Send flirty text messages throughout the day
  • Get some sexy new outfits
  • Exercise
  • Have an attractive attitude

When you really look at this list, it is not that complicated of a list. What it really all boils down to is that, no matter how long you have been married, don’t forget why you got married in the first place. You fell in love. Nurture that love, care for it by keeping the flame alive. If you don’t take care of the flame it could easily go out.  That is probably the most important step in how to make your husband happy, and the one that most couples overlook. Click Here to read about how to keep a man interested in you.

Be Spontaneous

  • Go to a concert
  • Take a road trip
  • Go camping
  • Stay up all night for a movie marathon
  • Leave love notes around the house
  • Share something new you learned

Be spontaneous is really like conscious dating. Take the time to still do some of those things you would have done when you were dating, the concert or camping. As your marriage grows and your family grows, it may be smaller things like staying up at home for a movie marathon, but it is spending time together.  Those are the important things that matter.  Too often people spend time in the same house, but in different rooms, to make your husband happy, you need to spend time in the same room, together. Not only will it make the husband happy, but the whole family.

Make your House a Home

  • Keep things clean
  • Greet him warmly
  • Cook meals together
  • DIY home improvement together
  • Invite his family over to dinner
  • Avoid becoming roommates

Making your house a home is a simple task, but it can last a lifetime. It starts as newlyweds, doing things together, just the two of you and grows as a family. The time spent together cooking and cleaning grow not just the husband and wife relationship but the family relationship as well. Parts of how to make your husband happy are also how to have a happy family.

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How To Keep Him Interested in You

how to keep him interested in you

You’re in love. You have finally found a good man, worthy of you. Now the worry is will this relationship last. It depends upon his interest in you. We have all had relationships that fade or become boring. There are some simple yet powerful tips that involve you that can help prevent a relationship from becoming stale.  They will show you how to keep him interested in you.

Take Care of You

The first, and most important tip is to take care of you. When you were looking for a man you never went out without being nicely dressed and made up. You watched what you ate and exercised, correct.  So many woman find themselves relaxing or forgetting to take care of themselves after they have a man.

If you are really interested in how to keep him interested in you, then take time to keep you interesting.  If you let yourself go, don’t dress well and no make up anymore, do you really think he is still going to be interested?  By taking the time to take care of yourself, you are telling him that he is worthy of you. That you value him and you want him to have the best you that you can offer him.

Take Care of Him

If you are really into him and want to keep his interest, then this tip involves a little more effort on your part. It means take the time to cook dinner for him. To indulge him by taking an interest in his hobbies. By showing him that you care for him and are willing to be involved in his life, he knows you value him.  How to keep him interested in you is to be interested in him. When you show concern and interest in his hobbies, it keeps his attention.  He wants to have someone to share those things with, and if you don’t take interest in them, then he might find someone who will. You should also take care of him emotionally. Make sure you are the one he would share anything with. Be his friend in order to bring him closer to you. Click here to read how you can make him want you more.

Make Good Conversations

Some women don’t take interest in the topic that their man is interested in. Don’t get so involved in the relationship that you forget what is going on in the world around you. Take the time to know about current events and happenings, especially if it is something that your man likes.  When you sit down to dinner together, how to keep him interested is to have something interesting to talk about. If you keep up on current events, read more books and articles, even do some research about his favorite topics, then you will be able to make and hold good conversations with him. The conversations also help to build your relationship. If you have nothing to talk about, then you both will find yourselves losing interest.

Keep Your Separate Activities

Having a life out of the relationship is something that people tend to drop first when they begin a relationship. They stop doing all the things that made them uniquely them. How to keep him interested is to have interesting things about yourself to talk about and share. Keep your separate activities. Have some time that is just for you, and just for him alone. Then when you are together you have interesting things to share with each other about your separate activities. By investing just a little time in yourself and your own activities, you will find that how to keep him interested in you will fall into place. Don’t let go of all the things that attracted him to you in the first place, keep those in place and keep yourself in good shape.  You will find that how to keep him interested in you will not be a question anymore if you do.

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Effective Tips To Flirt With a Man in a Girly Way

how to flirt with a man

Flirting can be a powerful way to attract any man you want. It is sad but true that most women are either bad at flirting or they don’t know how to handle a situation smartly when a guy flirts with them. In order to flirt with a man, you just need a few things – confidence, subtlety, good sense of humor and a little bit of wit. If you lack any of these things, don’t worry, because here you will find some hot tips on how to flirt with a man. These tips are highly effective and if you can master them, you can have any man reeling with delight just at the sound of your beautiful name!

Use The Power of Body Language

All conscious dating experts strongly recommend using body language to attract men, click here to read more about body language. Always be relaxed when your Mr. Right is around. Proper use of body language will send a subconscious signal that you are interested in him. This particular signal will help you draw full attention of your man and he would do anything to get the same attention from you. Don’t slouch or cross your arms if you are sitting or standing when he is around. Point/position your body towards the ass of the guy you are flirting with – do this as you speak to him in the standing position. You should look approachable and be confident.

Be Mysterious

Don’t reveal too much about yourself in the first meeting or too quickly or else he will lose his interest in you. A wise approach is to be a tease and flirt with him by means of elusiveness. Don’t tell anything unless he asks about it and avoid going into details of everything that is about yourself. This way, you will be able to keep him interested in you without any trouble. The key here is to keep him wanting for more.

Make Physical Contact (Slight)

One of the most powerful ways to put yourself in the forefront of any man’s mind is slight touching. You can grab his full attention by touching him slightly and it should be quick and gentle. In fact, it should look like ‘accidental’ not ‘intentional.’ The friendly touching spots and gestures include a slight touch on his wrist, a playful tap on his arm, tap his legs with yours if both of you are sitting side by side, or put your head your head on his shoulder, etc.

Use The Magic of Your Smile

A smiling face gets the most attention, especially if it’s a girl’s face. Smile often when you are with him to let him know that you like his presence and you know how to have a good time.

Your Face Expressions

Some people don’t have control over their face expressions and this could ruin the whole flirting thing. You should make sure that you are exhibiting the ‘right’ face expressions when you are with your Mr. Right, especially when you are flirting with him. You should know how to look cute, play coy and when to flutter your eyelashes in the right way to melt your man’s heart. Also, use your face expressions to admire his small gestures, for example, if he does something nice for you, let your sweet smile admire this gesture.

These are just a few things but they are very powerful if you know the right way of using these techniques. Just be unique, seductive and sweet to flirt with any man you want and you’ll find it a lot easier to make him want you more and more.

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Hot Tips On How To Attract Men With Body Language

how to attract men with body languageAround 90% of all communication is non-verbal. This means that we talk with our bodies more than we think. Is your body giving off the right signals to the guy across the bar? How do you know? We have all heard all kinds of ideas and advice on body language and what to do and not to do. There are a few classic signs that are proven to give the signals you want on how to attract men with body language worldwide.

First Impressions

How to attract men with body language starts with first impressions. What a man sees first is the best impression. We have all heard that, and it is true in body language. How you take care of yourself and dress will say a great deal about you to a man in the first few moments that you meet. You want those moments to be good ones, so make sure to take the time to take care of yourself. Look good, dress nice and  be confident in yourself.

Smiling is Key

A smile is the best key in how to attract men with body language. A soft, sweet smile goes a long way in attracting a man. Not a fake smile that you have plastered on your face to attract men, but a true genuine smile. You do not have to be laughing it up, and be cautious not to be snotty or scowling when you are out. A sweet smile will put other people at ease and make them more comfortable with you. This will attract a man, and other friends as well. Also, you can use your smile to flirt with him in a girly way.

The Lips Have it

The lips are probably the biggest key in how to attract men with body language. There are so many ways to use your lips to signal pleasure and desire to a man you are with. If you are having dinner or drinks with a guy you are interested in and wanting to attract him, trying subtly licking your lips during dinner or after a drink. Make sure to look into his eyes when you do this. The lips are the fastest body language to attract men.

Eye, Eye

Eyes are another big key in how to attract men with body language. Try to keep eye contact with him while you are talking. This conveys interest. If you are looking all around the room but never at him, he is going to think you are interested in him. If you want to attract him, eye contact.

Hair Tale

For women, hair is a key in how to attract men with body language. Long hair was fashionable for women, and some women still think that only long hair is attractive. Playing with your hair, pushing it away from your face, exposing the skin of your face is dual body language. It tells him you are interested and that you have good hair. It tempts him to want to touch your hair. It doesn’t matter the length of your hair, you can still play with it, and push it from your face.

Body language can do several things and how to attract men with body language is just one of them. The face is the biggest key, your eyes, your smile and your lips all play and important role in attracting a man to you and letting him know you are interested in him.  Everyone has seen these tips in practice, and some may have even laughed at them, but they actually work, and they have for a long, long time. Next time you want to attract a certain guy, give the body language tips a try to see what happens.

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What do Men Really Want in a Relationship Based on Their Zodiac Signs? – Part One

So, you are really into this guy, but not sure what he actually wants from you in a relationship. First of all, you are not alone because most women find themselves in a similar situation at some point in their life. Here are some things that you should know about what men really want in a relationship based on their zodiac signs.

what men want based on zodiac signs

What Aries Men Want in a Relationship?

Aries men are little bit complicated, but if you understand your Aries man, it will become easier for you to also understand what your Aries man wants from you in a relationship. Aries men love variations in their life and relationship. They don’t like monotonic life and they are very aggressive lovers. They are full of energy and surprises. If you are dating an Aries man, you should know that it is not going to be an easy ride.

The major issue with dating an Aries man is that they are inconsistent. The best way to handle your Aries guy is to let him take control of the relationship and learn how to keep him interested in you. Aries men like “hunt and chase.” The Aries men want their woman to be:

  • Patient
  • Spontaneous
  • Adventurous

The key to win your Aries man’s heart is show him your love and avoid drama. Click here to read more about how to make an Aries man want you more. Continue reading →

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Powerful Tips On How To Get an Aries Man To Like You

make aries man want you

Aries men are complicated, so if you are trying to get the attention of an Aries man with no luck, don’t worry because you’ve found the right place. Here you will read some highly effective ways on how to get an Aries man to like you. These tips are so powerful that we strongly advise you to use them on an Aries man only if you are seriously into him. These tips will help you get your Aries crush to pay attention to you and keep his interest in you.

Give Him A Hint: Tell Him You Like Him

This is one very powerful way to attract and keep an Aries man interested in you. Pique his interest by telling him that you like “something” about him and you couldn’t resist it. It could be his smile, or the way he interacts with other people or his clothing choices etc. The idea here is to make him aware that you think about him positively, such as, you think his smile is cute. This will make him wonder what else you think about him.

DO NOT tell him that you are into him or you have a crush on him. If you do so, you are exposing your feelings to him too early. At this point, your goal should be getting his attention toward you. Once you have his attention, it will be easier for you to make him come after you to know more about you.

Be Assertive and Independent

Aries men like bold women who are not afraid of speaking their mind and are not afraid of telling what they want. With an Aries man, you should come across as a feisty, independent and assertive woman, but make sure you maintain balance between being assertive and pushy. This is because if you come across as pushy, it will pose a threat to his bossy nature. Aries men are into women who know how to take care of them. Let your Aries man call the shots, and at the same time be willing to give in gracefully. Remember that Aries man is the boss and he likes to lead, and if you really want him to pursue you, then you should your willingness to follow his lead.

Excite His Brain

With an Aries man, you need to learn how to create an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. If you know how to trigger the adrenaline in his brain, it will be very easy for you to make him fall in love with you. Make your presence thrilling for him by doing things that will challenge him. For example, you can play hard to get with him, but be very cautious and don’t go too overboard with this because it will backfire at you. Your challenge is to figure out how to keep him coming for more. This could be done by surprising him with something that he was not expecting from you, such as a random compliment about his smile or his looks. You could also tell him what turns you on in a man. A random physical contact with him will keep his adrenaline pumping and he will wait for your next move. The physical contact does not have to be sexual at all. It could be a light touch on his hand or shoulder while you are talking to him.

Be Mysterious

Aries men like to investigate more about the things that pique their interest. You should make sure you keep your life as a series of secrets when you are with your Aries man. Tell him about your interests and what gets your attention the most, but also keep some things as a secret. Reveal the information about you slowly, so he will come back for more. Be a mystery to him that he will like to solve.

All these tips are highly effective, and you are strongly advised to try them only on an Aries man if you are seriously into him.

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How To Make Your Leo Boyfriend Want You More?

How to make your Leo man want you

Is your Leo boyfriend acting distant? Or you have just found your Mr. Right who is Leo and you are trying hard to grab his attention and turn him into your obsessive lover? Whatever your situation is, you can make a Leo man want you more if you understand the psychology of men of this zodiac sign. Here are some important things about Leo men that you should be aware of in order to make your boyfriend want you more.

Understanding A Leo Man

Being a fire element sign, the Leo men are optimistic, energetic, and fun to be around. They are caring, charming and highly passionate. But there is a catch, Leo men can come across as being aggressive and serious on the outside. So, you have to be careful about it. A Leo man is a “social” person who loves to be around his family and friends. He has a strong desire to be the center of attention. Leo men have a great sense of humor. They have the ability to win over crowd of people. These traits make Leo men more attractive. Now, let’s have a look at what you can do to make your Leo boyfriend love you more and more.

Be Loyal To Him

What a Leo man wants the most from his partner is loyalty. This is mainly because Leo men are very loyal and don’t hesitate to go to any length for their loved ones. If your Leo boyfriend is truly in love with you, you’re in luck because the men of this zodiac sign are very caring. They would give their shirt off their back to help someone in need. You can turn him into your obsessive lover by being loyal to him.

Be His Lioness

A Leo man has a Lion’s nature and he needs a Lioness. This means that your Leo man wants a mate who can hunt and protect her kingdom alongside of him. In other words, you should be as wild as your Leo man if you really want to grab his attention and make him want you more. A Leo man wants his woman to keep herself up appearance wise and take pride in how she looks.

Understand His Emotional Needs

Leo men are very emotional lovers due to their passionate nature. If you really want to make him want you, you should try to learn to understand your Leo boyfriend’s mood changes and emotional needs.

Ignite Jealousy – Play It Safe

Leo men get jealous very quickly. Their extremely loyal and passionate nature sometimes can make them a little jealous and possessive. You can make him want you more just by igniting a little jealousy in your Leo boyfriend. All you need to do is let him know that you have other admirers too that want your attention. Leo men don’t want anyone to take what they feel is rightfully theirs. Just ignite a little jealousy and then make him feel that you are not going anywhere. Once you’ve got him to trust you, he will give you the loving energy and loyalty. After this, he is yours to keep.

These were just a few of the many great tips that you can use to make your Leo boyfriend want you more. Learn exactly what you should do and say to make your Leo man obsessively desire you. Bear in mind that doing the wrong thing can mean the end of your love relationship with him. This is because Leo man is not easy to deal with.

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