Effective Tips To Flirt With a Man in a Girly Way

how to flirt with a man

Flirting can be a powerful way to attract any man you want. It is sad but true that most women are either bad at flirting or they don’t know how to handle a situation smartly when a guy flirts with them. In order to flirt with a man, you just need a few things – confidence, subtlety, good sense of humor and a little bit of wit. If you lack any of these things, don’t worry, because here you will find some hot tips on how to flirt with a man. These tips are highly effective and if you can master them, you can have any man reeling with delight just at the sound of your beautiful name!

Use The Power of Body Language

All conscious dating experts strongly recommend using body language to attract men, click here to read more about body language. Always be relaxed when your Mr. Right is around. Proper use of body language will send a subconscious signal that you are interested in him. This particular signal will help you draw full attention of your man and he would do anything to get the same attention from you. Don’t slouch or cross your arms if you are sitting or standing when he is around. Point/position your body towards the ass of the guy you are flirting with – do this as you speak to him in the standing position. You should look approachable and be confident.

Be Mysterious

Don’t reveal too much about yourself in the first meeting or too quickly or else he will lose his interest in you. A wise approach is to be a tease and flirt with him by means of elusiveness. Don’t tell anything unless he asks about it and avoid going into details of everything that is about yourself. This way, you will be able to keep him interested in you without any trouble. The key here is to keep him wanting for more.

Make Physical Contact (Slight)

One of the most powerful ways to put yourself in the forefront of any man’s mind is slight touching. You can grab his full attention by touching him slightly and it should be quick and gentle. In fact, it should look like ‘accidental’ not ‘intentional.’ The friendly touching spots and gestures include a slight touch on his wrist, a playful tap on his arm, tap his legs with yours if both of you are sitting side by side, or put your head your head on his shoulder, etc.

Use The Magic of Your Smile

A smiling face gets the most attention, especially if it’s a girl’s face. Smile often when you are with him to let him know that you like his presence and you know how to have a good time.

Your Face Expressions

Some people don’t have control over their face expressions and this could ruin the whole flirting thing. You should make sure that you are exhibiting the ‘right’ face expressions when you are with your Mr. Right, especially when you are flirting with him. You should know how to look cute, play coy and when to flutter your eyelashes in the right way to melt your man’s heart. Also, use your face expressions to admire his small gestures, for example, if he does something nice for you, let your sweet smile admire this gesture.

These are just a few things but they are very powerful if you know the right way of using these techniques. Just be unique, seductive and sweet to flirt with any man you want and you’ll find it a lot easier to make him want you more and more. For more effective flirting tips from a top-notch conscious dating expert, check this.

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