Hot Tips On How To Attract Men With Body Language

how to attract men with body languageAround 90% of all communication is non-verbal. This means that we talk with our bodies more than we think. Is your body giving off the right signals to the guy across the bar? How do you know? We have all heard all kinds of ideas and advice on body language and what to do and not to do. There are a few classic signs that are proven to give the signals you want on how to attract men with body language worldwide.

First Impressions

How to attract men with body language starts with first impressions. What a man sees first is the best impression. We have all heard that, and it is true in body language. How you take care of yourself and dress will say a great deal about you to a man in the first few moments that you meet. You want those moments to be good ones, so make sure to take the time to take care of yourself. Look good, dress nice and  be confident in yourself.

Smiling is Key

A smile is the best key in how to attract men with body language. A soft, sweet smile goes a long way in attracting a man. Not a fake smile that you have plastered on your face to attract men, but a true genuine smile. You do not have to be laughing it up, and be cautious not to be snotty or scowling when you are out. A sweet smile will put other people at ease and make them more comfortable with you. This will attract a man, and other friends as well. Also, you can use your smile to flirt with him in a girly way.

The Lips Have it

The lips are probably the biggest key in how to attract men with body language. There are so many ways to use your lips to signal pleasure and desire to a man you are with. If you are having dinner or drinks with a guy you are interested in and wanting to attract him, trying subtly licking your lips during dinner or after a drink. Make sure to look into his eyes when you do this. The lips are the fastest body language to attract men.

Eye, Eye

Eyes are another big key in how to attract men with body language. Try to keep eye contact with him while you are talking. This conveys interest. If you are looking all around the room but never at him, he is going to think you are interested in him. If you want to attract him, eye contact.

Hair Tale

For women, hair is a key in how to attract men with body language. Long hair was fashionable for women, and some women still think that only long hair is attractive. Playing with your hair, pushing it away from your face, exposing the skin of your face is dual body language. It tells him you are interested and that you have good hair. It tempts him to want to touch your hair. It doesn’t matter the length of your hair, you can still play with it, and push it from your face.

Body language can do several things and how to attract men with body language is just one of them. The face is the biggest key, your eyes, your smile and your lips all play and important role in attracting a man to you and letting him know you are interested in him.  Everyone has seen these tips in practice, and some may have even laughed at them, but they actually work, and they have for a long, long time. Next time you want to attract a certain guy, give the body language tips a try to see what happens.

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