How To Make A Virgo Man Want You More?

How To Make a Virgo Man Want You More

Are you dating a Virgo man? Do you want to make him want you more without even asking for his attention? Before you read what you can do to make a Virgo man love & want you more, it is important to understand the key Virgo traits. A clear understanding of these key traits will help you make your Virgo boyfriend go crazy over you.

So, What Are these Key Virgo Traits?

Virgo men are very intelligent and attractive. They are family oriented and like to bind their entire family within a strong bond. One thing that makes Virgo men different from men of other zodiac signs is that they are old-fashioned. They are not attracted to the modern changes. They like their old-fashioned ways in every aspect of life. One quality that makes a Virgo boyfriend a good friend, a human being, and a perfect husband is their honesty. They are also extrovert in social conduct. If you are creative, you can use it to attract a Virgo man. Overall, a Virgo man is creative, old-fashioned, sympathetic, helpful and very intelligent.

Virgo Men in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, they are called mysterious. They are very cool-minded and practical. They give utmost importance to their woman’s needs. They know exactly how to treat a woman. So, if your boyfriend is Virgo, you are in great luck. You do not have to make great efforts to make him want you more. It is important to note that the Virgo men like to change or mold their partner completely within their ideology. If you don’t like to be changed, you can’t make him yours.

What Does A Virgo Man Like and Dislike In A Woman?

Virgo Man Likes a woman who is:

Intelligent: To make a Virgo man want you more, show off your knowledge about different things. Also, let him know that you have set goals for yourself and you are not afraid to achieve those goals. It would be wise to do research on the things that your Virgo man likes. This will help you keep his interest in you.

Good Looking: Virgo men are into beauty. They care about how a woman looks like and how she carries herself. Virgo men also take good care of their appearance and they are always well-dressed.

Punctual: Avoid being late for dates because Virgo men are old school. They take punctuality very seriously.

Good Cook: Home-cooked meals are a way to a Virgo man’s heart, so if you love cooking and you are also good at it, you should not have a hard time keeping him with you. It would be nice to invite him over to a dinner.

Not a Control Freak: Let your Virgo man take control of the things in a relationship. However, it does not mean that he will not let you have charge when needed. If he wants to take you out on a date, let him take care of everything.

Virgo Man Dislikes a Woman Who is:

Highly Social: Virgo men are secret. They would prefer to spend time with their special woman over being with a lot of people. They try to avoid crowd.

Clingy: It’s not just Virgo men who don’t like clingy women, clinginess is a killer for any relationship. To avoid being clingy, have a life outside of your relationship and let your Virgo man have a life outside of your relationship too.

Quitter: Do you give up on things quickly? If you don’t finish what you have started, then forget about having a good time with your Virgo man. Virgo men like to finish their projects. If you are also a finisher and always complete your projects, you can make your Virgo man want you more.

Messy: It’s very important for a Virgo man to keep his space clean. Women who are like a slob and don’t care where they put the clothes or shoes, it is a big No-No for the Virgo men.

Unorganized: Virgo men don’t like surprises. They are into planning and organizing everything that want to do. So, if you are into last minute plans, it’s not going to work out with a Virgo man.

All these likes and dislikes are also the keys to how to make a Virgo man happy.This is because the ideal woman in a Virgo man’s mind is the one who understands what does he like and dislike.

How To Make Him Want You More?

Here are some tips on how you can make your Virgo boyfriend want and love you more.

Take Slow Steps

Virgo men are very slow when it comes to getting into romantic relationships. They also have some difficulty in making new friends. So, if you have been dating this Virgo guy for some time and he has not expressed his interest to take your relationship with him to next level, take it easy. Give him some more time. If he is serious about you, he will make efforts to keep his relationship with you. You should not push him for commitment. The best thing you can do is try to understand him and let him know that it’s okay if he is not ready to make a serious commitment. This will make him respect you more and it will make him feel that you are the right woman for him.

Help Him Express His Feelings

Virgo men often have trouble when it comes to express their feelings. So, if your Virgo boyfriend does not compliment often or if he does not say ‘I Love You’ often it does not mean that he doesn’t feel like that. He acts this way because he finds it hard to share his feelings with his romantic partner. You should help him express his feeling by making him feel comfortable with you.

Make Him Want You By Stimulating His Mind

Virgo men are attracted towards intelligent women. If you can stimulate his mind, he will be all yours. Virgo men are very intelligent, so they want a woman who is intelligent and smarter than them. It is important to be who you are because Virgo men don’t like pretentious people. Acquire as much knowledge as you can about different topics to make interesting conversations with your Virgo boyfriend.

Look Your Best

Virgo men appreciate a put-together look. So, if you are dating a Virgo man, you should take special care of yourself. Pay close attention to your dressing. Choose colors that enhance your skin tone and wear designs that flaunt your best body attributes. Also, take special care with your scent. Avoid putting on too much makeup because Virgo men prefer natural beauty.

How To Attract A Virgo Man Sexually

If you are at that stage in your relationship when you are ready to be intimate with your Virgo boyfriend, then you might want to know how to attract a Virgo man sexually and please him in bed. Attracting a Virgo man sexually can be a little different than attracting any other man since Virgo man is reserved. Here are the key things to trigger sexual attraction in your Virgo man.

Ignite His Desire

The first step is to give him hints about what you have been thinking about both you being together. You can send an ambiguous text message and let him know that you are thinking about him. This will ignite his imaginations and he will fantasize you.

Create a Romantic Environment

Setting a romantic atmosphere is the second step toward getting your Virgo man to intimate with you. Make sure you’re the place you picked to be intimate with him is clean, for example, if it’s your room, then it should be clean and tidy. Use of natural scents and soft music is a good way to set the right atmosphere. Don’t forget to wear the sexy lingerie and a nice perfume to drive his imagination wild.

Let Him Take Control In Bed

Virgo men like to take control in bed, so it will not hurt to be a little submissive in bed with him. When you let him dominate you, he will try to satisfy all your desires before he comes to what he wants in bed with you. This is a surefire way to make your Virgo man happy and sexually attracted toward you.

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