Powerful Tips On How To Get an Aries Man To Like You

make aries man want you

Aries men are complicated, so if you are trying to get the attention of an Aries man with no luck, don’t worry because you’ve found the right place. Here you will read some highly effective ways on how to get an Aries man to like you. These tips are so powerful that we strongly advise you to use them on an Aries man only if you are seriously into him. These tips will help you get your Aries crush to pay attention to you and keep his interest in you.

Give Him A Hint: Tell Him You Like Him

This is one very powerful way to attract and keep an Aries man interested in you. Pique his interest by telling him that you like “something” about him and you couldn’t resist it. It could be his smile, or the way he interacts with other people or his clothing choices etc. The idea here is to make him aware that you think about him positively, such as, you think his smile is cute. This will make him wonder what else you think about him.

DO NOT tell him that you are into him or you have a crush on him. If you do so, you are exposing your feelings to him too early. At this point, your goal should be getting his attention toward you. Once you have his attention, it will be easier for you to make him come after you to know more about you.

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Be Assertive and Independent

Aries men like bold women who are not afraid of speaking their mind and are not afraid of telling what they want. With an Aries man, you should come across as a feisty, independent and assertive woman, but make sure you maintain balance between being assertive and pushy. This is because if you come across as pushy, it will pose a threat to his bossy nature. Aries men are into women who know how to take care of them. Let your Aries man call the shots, and at the same time be willing to give in gracefully. Remember that Aries man is the boss and he likes to lead, and if you really want him to pursue you, then you should your willingness to follow his lead.

Excite His Brain

With an Aries man, you need to learn how to create an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. If you know how to trigger the adrenaline in his brain, it will be very easy for you to make him fall in love with you. Make your presence thrilling for him by doing things that will challenge him. For example, you can play hard to get with him, but be very cautious and don’t go too overboard with this because it will backfire at you. Your challenge is to figure out how to keep him coming for more. This could be done by surprising him with something that he was not expecting from you, such as a random compliment about his smile or his looks. You could also tell him what turns you on in a man. A random physical contact with him will keep his adrenaline pumping and he will wait for your next move. The physical contact does not have to be sexual at all. It could be a light touch on his hand or shoulder while you are talking to him.

Be Mysterious

Aries men like to investigate more about the things that pique their interest. You should make sure you keep your life as a series of secrets when you are with your Aries man. Tell him about your interests and what gets your attention the most, but also keep some things as a secret. Reveal the information about you slowly, so he will come back for more. Be a mystery to him that he will like to solve.

All these tips are highly effective, and you are strongly advised to try them only on an Aries man if you are seriously into him.

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