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6 Proven Ways That Will Make A Man Love You

11 Proven Things That Will Make A Man Love You

Every woman wants a conscious man who is evolved and man enough to build a conscious relationship. But how you can have this type of man for yourself and how to make a man love you? If this is all you want to know, you have come to the right place.

Here are the six conscious ways that will make an evolved man fall in love with you. These things are extremely powerful and can get you that man that you have always wanted. Some of these may seem like common sense, but when you are in the dating scene, there are a number of things that seem to fly right out the window. To make him want and love you, you need to think like a man.

So, What Are The 6 Proven Ways To Make A Man Love You?

Be Your Authentic Self

Will you like someone who fakes to be who they are not? Nobody likes people with fake personality. If you really want a man to love you forever, be yourself. A conscious man will not want to be someone who does not have an authentic personality. Man are attracted to women who are not afraid of being themselves and what people think about them. You should just know who you are, what you want and don’t try too hard to prove yourself to someone. Strong men like women who are strong and happy with themselves. Strong men fall in love with women who are independent and how to keep her things together.

Be An Active Listener

Don’t listen to just listen, listen to understand what he says to you. This will work for a man who you already know. This will encourage him to confide in you. Active listening to what he shares with you will help you earn that special place in his life that you have always wanted to have in the life of that special man. A good way to show him that you care and you are trying to understand what he is saying is to ask questions related to what he says. Also, don’t be afraid of sharing your genuine and honest opinion with him. This is a surefire way to tell him that you are interested in him and his life.

Don’t Be Afraid To Touch Him

A brief gentle touch can instantly get his attention and will make him think about you more. This is another proven way to make a man love you. You can do it when you are having a conversation with him. A gentle touch on his hand or arm will give him the signal that you are interested in him. It will be a sign for him that you want him to pursue you and there is affection there.

Respected His Hobbies and Interests

It is easy to learn about anyone’s interests and hobbies, but it can be a little difficult to respect it. It is common for people to fall in love with someone who is way out of their league or is completely a different personality. For example, most men like sports and video games, but most women are into these things. If he has a hobby that you don’t like or don’t want to pursue, don’t discourage or stop him to do that. Instead, what you can do is let him do what he likes to do and also support him in a positive way. For example, if he likes camping and you don’t, respect his hobby and buy him something that he will find useful when camping. Or maybe you can find a new camping spot for him that will like. This is one way of showing respect to his hobbies and acceptance to what he likes to do. This will make him love you more.

Respect The Things That Are Important To Him

It could include many things, such as his family and friends, his belongings, hobbies, job and other things. Show him by your actions that you respect all those things that he values in his life and that are important to him. This will make him think of you as part of his life because not only that you respect the things that he values, but also you have the same feelings about those thing that he has. It also includes being considerate to his feelings.

Admire His Intellect And Appreciate His Presence

Always make him feel that he is welcomed. This will have a very powerful effect on him because men like to fell important. They like their ego to be inflated. You don’t have to say something to him that is not true just to boost his ego. Also, an honest and genuine admiration will go a long way and he will try harder to maintain it in front of you. For example, is he good at solving crossword puzzles? Or maybe he is good at fixing the broken things around the house, admire his skills and intellect. This will boost his ego and he will try harder to maintain that image. Also, don’t forget to appreciate his presence. You can do this by showing him how happy you feel when he is with you. You can also let him know how important his presence is and you miss him when is not around.

How to make a man love you should not be difficult if you follow the above-mentioned things. It is strongly advised to be careful and not to use these things on a man that you are not seriously interested in. By following these tips, you will not only be able to make a man fall in love with you and you only, but also you can build a conscious relationship that will last forever.

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