Why He Pulled Away After First Date?

So, you just had your first date with this wonderful man, he seemed to be like your Mr. Right. He was fun to be around and intelligent. He had the class you were looking for, and just everything seems perfect about him.
After your wonderful first date with him, he disappeared and now you are wondering why he pulled away after the first date and why he hasn’t responded to your texts or calls?

There could be many reasons why he pulled away after the first date and why he is not responding to you. It is very common for women to find themselves in a situation like this where the guy who seems to be their Mr. Right stops responding all of sudden.
Here are a few of the most common reasons why he is not calling you back. You will also find out about how you can get out of it and get control over this situation.

When Exactly He Stopped Communicating?

This is directly related to how often have you tried to text or call him after your date with him. There can be different scenarios, such as did you send him a text right after a few minutes of your date and he has not responded to it. If does not respond right away, it is perfectly fine. Give him some time to respond back. This is because he may be busy somewhere and trying to catch up with the things that he needs his attention.
If it has been a few days, and you still have not heard anything back from him in response to your first text, you can try sending him a simple text to say hi.

Did You Send Him Texts Every Two Minutes?

If yes, then it is crystal clear why he pulled away after the first date and why he is not responding. You pushed him away by sending him too many texts. This made you look clingy and it will be very difficult to wipe out that image from his mind. In that case, the only decent option you will have is let it go, stop sending him texts and move on.

Maintain Balance Between Not Enough Contact and Too Much Contact

It is very important to learn how often you should contact that Mr. Amazing of yours. You may be very excited to have met your Mr. Right and it may be too tempting to share every single detail with him over text or call, but hold yourself back. You have just started seeing this guy and this is the initial phase of your potential relationship. This is the time when you could leave a strong impression on him.
If you can control how often you text or contact him, you can keep him interested in you. However, make sure you are not ignoring him.

Did You Share Your Future Plans With Him On Your First Date?

If yes, then this is the reason why he pulled away and why he is not calling you back. If you think this guy is your Mr. Right, you would definitely want to keep him forever and not scare him away by going too fast.
The key is to gain his interest in you and then find ways to keep him interested. Avoid revealing your future plans in the initial phase of your dating. A wise move would be to first build trust, pique is interest in you, and see if he shows any signs of pursuing you.

That being said, it is completely fine to make your date aware of the fact that you are looking for something that could turn into a long-term relationship.

Did You Talk About Your Past Failed Relationships?

It is crucial to keep in mind that first dates are a great opportunity to get to know each other. You should avoid talking about your negative experiences or failed relationships in the past. Also, avoid talking about your exes. It would be wise to try to keep your conversation simple on your first date.
Make sure the conversation is related to you and your date. If you talked about your exes or failed relationships in the past, this is the reason why he pulled away after the first date and now he is not responding to your calls or texts. This gives an impression that you still think about your ex and you are not over them completely, which is also a sign that you are not ready for a new relationship but looking for a distraction.

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